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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 28, 2010 3:00am-5:00am PST

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we're hearing from one man who lost to love one's in that
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blast. he told kron for his family with his family went through moments after the explosion. >> our daughters house was one of the first to burn up. something really hard and difficult from moments we started watching tv. it was hours of anguish and hope that maybe they would be found. that now moment never came when they told us the next day they had been some of the victims. we don't wish this on anyone. it is very painful. too much. i want to thank the community that was with us in our pain. we were
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victims but maybe this is all for the good so that pg&e can pay more attention to services. it has not come across our mines have ill feelings towards pg&e. >> he heard jackie spear announced her legislation earlier yesterday. and he hoped they will support the bill. we will continue in a moment. quick look from our camera in albany showing you westbound 80 the headlights making their way down towards berkeley. traffic is headlights making their way down towards berkeley. traffic is moving well. we @2
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earth is a team a.m. but scandal that forecast today will be another hot one out there. potentially record setting temperatures again today. >> we have a lot of the record
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breaking temperatures yesterday and we have potential chance today as well. james like seeing a bit more in a way of fog this morning about 73 degrees for san francisco by noon time jumping up 85, your high today will be 87 degreukrus. back down into te ñno carrierring no carrier ringconnect 2400 
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million a year taking careful mustard the city says it's taken more than 11,000 people off the streets. thousands more remain on the streets. >> san francisco can close its borders to the homeless so every year more people come to the city and the end up on the street. we had >> social service organization, but tolerant community, a community for folks or need and all the plays are role. >> homeless advocates disagree sing the majority of people on the streets are from the city and the greater bay area. the need for services has increased dramatically due to the economy.
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despite spending millions there are 200 families on the waitlist for shelter. >> people line communities are becoming homeless because they lose income they don't have a savings account they don't have credit cards all this stuff to rely on the end up losing housing and moving in with other folks. eventually find are housing system. >> thousands of people being taken off the street public opinion seems to be homelessness is a big problem here is the director of human services agency says emphasis goes problem is magnified more than other cities because of san francisco is geography. >> it's more in-your-face loss angeles county is were sincere francisco. we are 49 square miles. our service centers are in central cities so you will see a higher concentration of homeless people on the streets.
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>> kron 4 actually caught up with some of the homeless and ask them why they came to san francisco. >> i came from austin texas in 2008 i've been here since. homeless on and off. >> i ran away from home when i was 12. i've been in san francisco for years. >> i had a job in chicago 15 years ago. i lost it. came out here to san francisco and i just have been living on the streets. >> i met a guy who was 28 when i was 11 and he was like the my daughter to live by our rules or run away with the guy so i ran away with the guy. >> i lost it. >> i'm on methadone i have the substance of use problem but not anymore.
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>> i enjoy drinking vocationally. i cashen recyclables are today's and when i do i get a jug of wine. >> i drink alcohol. otherwise adjustive your surviving. >> all three of those say they feel safer on the streets in san francisco than they do on the shoulders. >> j.c is writing a memoir. the book is scheduled to come out next year according to her publisher the 30 year-old will write the book herself it will call her life from production all away to her current condition and how she's doing now. last week they suspended proceedings against all of the man accused of kidnapping j.c..
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we will take a break at 422 more headlines read had as a news continues.
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and jose international airport is reviewing training this after two men armed with assault rifles walked through the baggage claim area through the weekend. despite the unusual sight nobody notified personal.
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>> officials say on saturday two men armed with assault rifles walked into the bay just claim at the airport takes somebody up and then left. despite the unusual sight nobody called police. it turns out the pair or security officers with lawrence livermore laboratories. >> the airport spokesperson said they did not learn about the incident until the next day when they were called by the media. >> we advised the staff that if you see something that is out of the ordinary you should call it did. this would be something out of the ordinary. >> the normal procedure is for law enforcement to be notified but that did not happen. lawrence laboratories says the federal security officers or wearing uniforms with logos they will be looking into the incident and why there was no notification officials say they are looking over security cameras in the baggage claim
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area which cut the incident on tape. taking a look around you will notice an information desk or note please officer this is not secure area in the airport. officials say in this area of tight security this is a wake-up call. >> are looking at this right now to see what we can do to improve training and communications. >> to of the country's biggest low-fare airlines have plans to join each other. southwest is acquiring air trend. catherine shows us how the industry's first-ever merger might pay off for travelers. >> princess cloth the airline has more than 100 fight flights daily out of san jose and oakland as well as sfo appeared in a trance as flights from san francisco to its hub cities of
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milwaukee and atlanta. each airline offers low-cost to 70 cities. that's where the resemblance ends south west is much larger four times as many employees four times as many planes, four times as many passengers. eritrean has something service wants. a major presence. that could mean a big break for travelers improving to where from the city's busiest airport. >> we will take a quick break and be back with the overnight news stories of the day and a complete check of weather. it will be a hot
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we are back just before 4:30 a.m. holding a bridge we have traffic nice and light. we will talk about commute in a moment. we have another hot the in-store another spare the air day. >> if you like yesterday it will like today temperatures will state justice warm in the inland spot cooling off slightly air on the coast. 73 increase in francisco this is a lot of times warmer than your afternoon highs. 66 in oakland, san rafael 65, south bay about 66 or mountain view. taking it through your day all the warrants indicating '80s we could see widespread '80s by tens, by noon of the '90s moving into the picture by 4:00 p.m. all the purple matches up on the icon that shows us triple digits.
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triple digit heat once again today cooling it back down into the '80s. a mix of '70s and '80s. getting up to 103 in santa rosa. heading hundred and 4 yesterday we will get close to that again, 102 in fairfield, livermore could get up to 104 the south bay we could see triple digits as well opera's 90s through san jose keeping it in the '90s around the bay around the coast in the '60s, '70s. you're 7 day around the bay warm for today but tomorrow the cooling trend will begin. we're back down into the '70s around the bay and '60s for the coast keeping cooler temperatures heading for the work week and into the weekend. >> are bay area roads and
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bridges in good shape fresnel we're not tracking any hot spots. few cars coming from all the approaches and to the city. san mateo bridge still in good shape right now you can see those taillights headed west bound towards foster city we are tracking some construction on west and 92 full ramp closures and that is in effect until six. the golden gate bridge no problems here south bound ride novato in the city limits 23 minutes fresnel. crosstown traffic just a few cars some migrating 15 in their ride if you're headed north l 101 connecting over is bound to the lower deck of the bay problem
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free ride. >> trouble digit heat inland made for a busy day as folks from all over flocked for relief. beaches in san a cruise or no exception. >> it is almost october but you would not know what judging from the scene. this is south of san a cruise warm and windy today. temperatures forecast mid to upper 80s but it feels cool compared with the record- breaking hundred degrees recorded is that occurs over the weekend. farther south farmworkers were picking strawberries as the mercury reached into the upper 90s towards 100 degrees by 2:00 p.m. with that offshore flow of the fog has all but disappeared. almost all the way to moss landing and points beyond even water temperature seems to be responding. temperature about 57 degrees three or four degrees
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above average. it is beach weather that has been missing along the coast. >> in livermore i meant killer place to get some relief from stifling hate it is 99 degrees the hottest time of the great today will be 4:00 it will rise about 3-4 degrees. the national weather service's center rosa, morgan hill and livermore are the hardest because they are cut off from the ocean breeds. >> from argue with to the west coast to flooding they experience and the northwest mother nature is bearing down. it is causing extreme conditions. >> getting drenched and waterlog wisconsin are keeping an eye on 120 year-old love a levy which is bringing leaks but
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may bring down entirely. >> this is crazy. you don't get this in the big city. >> sandbags are the only line of defense an evacuation order was issued and more than 100 homes are threatened if the dike fails. it crested at 20 ft. which is rain half feet above flood level. amassed massive heat wave this courtroom and california the mercury climbed to 113 degrees in downtown los angeles. the hottest since 1877. >> device stand here a long dry will melt. >> i don't understand why it has to be so hot. >> in north carolina nonstop rain should down highway 17 during rush-hour turning it into a traffic nightmare with motorist looking to get home.
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>> my daughter is president should go into labor and the time she's supposed to be on bed rest and we have been sitting here two hours. >> as three months drove in one day because of all the rain. in wisconsin they anticipate the weather will receive by tomorrow. in washington on sandra and do. >> details about this week's planned execution we understand it has been delayed 45 hours by governor schwarzenegger. the man facing that penalty is albert greenwood brown appeared one pass one minute past midnight wednesday morning till 9:00 p.m. thursday. this after superior court judge refused to block executions here is saying he refused did not show that the procedure would cause him pain. >> in a statement released late
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monday afternoon governor schwarzenegger writes i hereby order are repeat of brown's execution appeared he was scheduled to die as tuesday night but the governor said he has until thursday to file an appeal with the supreme court. he cannot be executed until the time has run out. the governor will use that time to consider his request for clemency in the death sentence he recruits receive for raping and murdering a 15 year-old girl. lethal injection set for 9:00 p.m. thursday brown is scheduled to die three hours before executions in california could once again grind to a halt during this time because the state has all but run out of one of the three drugs used to procure condemned inmates to death. the few doses expire friday. sodium thiopental is the first drug used in the three drug cocktail. is the anesthetic that renders them unconscious before a second drug paralyzes
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them and their drug stops there are. it is the same chemical used by itself for a single drug lethal injections in some states. the company that makes the drug says the shortage of one key ingredient means it could be early 2011 before it can produce more. that means if brown is not executed by the state supply of sodium thiopental expires friday his execution and all others in california will be on hold indefinitely. until the state gets a fresh shipment of the drug appeared thaw >> 2010 newest democrat jerry brown and make witness will face off in their first debate that debate will be head held at uc- davis. brown right now is leading women 46-41. one-fifth are still undecided. we will take a break will come back to
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your latest headlines. @2
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for 30 8:00 a.m. state makers try to hatch out a budget. lawmakers have not been able to agree on the plan the state has been without one since the fiscal year began july 1st. the word is we hope this week some agreement will be hatched out. the federal budget is in the red and republicans vying for the senate seats believe she has a plan to fix that. carli share the idea is in the lagos state. tax payers to designate 10% to paying off the national debt instead of other social programs. pherae message was to set spending caps a reduced federal workers. she will be going up with against barbara boxer in november. gov.
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schwarzenegger signed legislation to keep drunk drivers off the wrote. they can reverse spoke license for 10 years when caught three times. new suicide prevention suns are going up near cal train tracks the signs are posted along a segment by mountain view. 200 calgene has been marked on safety measures in that area after 5 palo alto students committed suicide over a eight month period. there are one step closer to banding choice was fatty fast food. the proposal would make it illegal for children's meals to come with toys if the meal exceed limits on calories fat, sugar, salt.
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nadia made a lot of money and fast so the single mother of 14 children held yourself your furniture closed even nursing bra on sale apparently she is facing foreclosure and she's $450,000 to save her home. she is selling items on ebay including a sonogram of her octuplets. headlines on the kron 4 morning news will go outside a live picture s+ñé
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latest on the san bruno gas explosion 13 t of debris kron 4 during kelley went to the area. it shows this fall that work progressing trips >> right here you see a house where the cleanup process has
4:43 am
just begun. you can see what's left of the exterior walls and the chimney is still standing. there is ash and debris still left. chris came through here but they have removed hazardous materials like growth pain and pesticide containers they're telling the debris removal is half done all the ash has been added weight. they still have a lot of metal and concrete rubble to haul away. over here is what all the properties will look like when they are completely done. all evidence of the burned home that used to be on the site has been removed. the lesson they will do is remove these burned trees for safety reasons and to the erosion controls the soil doesn't get rain delay. the ground has been graded so it is completely flat so when the property owners at 1701 pearl ave are ready they will have an level servers to rebuild.
4:44 am
>> find this was the scene as jackie spirit visited that area she is planning to introduce a new build required regulations for utility companies. if it passes that will require automatic for remarkably operated shut off valves in place. >> if there had been shut off valves that were automatic or remote that could have shut off the gas in five minutes instead of one hour 46 minutes few our lives may have been lost and how many fewer homes. it is something that should have been done long time ago. >> that bill would require to notify whether they're living within 2,000 ft. of gas line transmission. a quick check of whether hot temperatures once more this afternoon. >> to which are not on with the
4:45 am
way gatt will mud creek still very warm in fact temperatures in the '70s around the peninsula currently we are 60 by noontime jumping up into the upper 90s to hide today once again in the triple digits 101 degrees as upper 80s by the o'clock hour. elsewhere 73 degrees in san francisco 66 for san rafael oakland. 65 and for livermore as we take it through the day 10:00 we should warming up all the orange shows this widespread '80s by noon we should see '90s of afternoon highs topping out into the triple digits. temperatures comparable to what they were yesterday. cooling off by the o'clock our temperatures into the '80s still lukewarm to the o'clock hour year highs getting into the
4:46 am
triple digits through round of parks sonoma also and fairfield fairly similar to yesterday. coming into 87 the beaches are seldom been nice but we might cool it off a few degrees. 88 through berkeley and san leandro temperatures into the low 90s. in through livermore trouble digits across the board south bay triple digits as well. we're looking at 1 04 expected for san ramon pleasanton about 1 04 as well south bay was hundred and one. 102 for campbell. your seven their on the bay shows: trend kicking and moral in fact we will see temperatures take a big step and continued to stay cool towards the end of the weekend.
4:47 am
>> ideal conditions on the freeway no hot spot jet. take a look at the see right at the bay bridge toll plaza traffic building slightly but still a good ride as you make your way westbound towards the city right now. looking good from all approaches a year ride from the foot of the maze to fremont street san francisco 8 manager. so is going at the san mateo bridge taillights headed in the committee direction towards foster city. keeping my eye out on construction was down 92 full ran closures northbound and southbound to 80 in effect. oh well let the tories in place third 12 minutes from one end to the other. golden gate bridge just a few cars% bound trip. i will show you are milbury cameral 1 01 moving well in both
4:48 am
directions southbound. clocking in at 16 minutes. >> and anxious moments for one san jose family at a beach kevin and his wife and two children were on the sand south of the breakwater when they were trapped by an incoming tide. they scramble down the cliff on along lacked latter waited out and one by one brought them back to safety. everybody find this morning just some scary moments. a local beaches giving people a rash known as swimmers edge. >> hereat state beach in alameda a parasite has been giving some swimmers and an itch. there is there reports of rashes after swimming in
4:49 am
alameda and it's known why researchers discovered a parasite the lives on the bubble still a still fairly new to bay area. they thrive in these waters the parasite can give swimmers of wild pitch to a rash depending on the individual's immune system. swimmers happened from september-october months. there are plenty of folks taking out today and is likely to be the same your rest of the very warm week. at 449 president barack obama has if words for students and teachers say both need to work harder. >> the president said money is not the answer to improving education. appearing on a network morning show he said scored had been declining even as spending has climbed he offered to remedies one leasing the school year by as much as
4:50 am
one month bringing the u.s. in line with germany japan and south korea in other is getting rid of bad teachers. education is who underperform deserve counseling to help them improve but if they do not they need to be fired. that's why he did not send his own daughters to public-school the president said they could not get a quality education in the d.c. system. >> by no means is he the only president to send his kids to private school. the last was amy carter. >> sam francisco is one of four cities that received a grant that foundation donated $3 million to improve her college graduation rates. it encourages students to prepare for college starting as early as kindergarten. >> the issue about getting
4:51 am
people college ready as fundamental to get one person in college but to address their needs coming out of high school to actually prepare them to succeed and that is a big gap. >> the money will be paid to the school district and the college over three years. don't look for instructions and tax forms in your mailbox. they are stop mailing them because so many people file electronically. people want a file people returns can get the forms from the web site or offices. the irs is expected save $10 million a year by eliminating all that mailing cost. peace talks are big trouble. the white house is sending george mitchell to keep things going. the problem israel has refused to slow down the construction on disputed land.
4:52 am
they have hauled out heavy equipment and are building new settlements. the u.s. is disappointed by israel's actions. the u.s. hikers still in prison may be getting help. everyone is waiting to hear about meetings between chiron and iman. sarah was released broader fiancee and friend were left behind. the two men might be allowed to leave with the representatives will let you be allowed to leave with the representatives will let you know that happens. hi, a number two please? would you like that to hurt now, or later? uh, what? sir, it's a simple question, do you want heartburn pain now or later? [ male announcer ] these heartburn medicines make you choose between hurting now, or later.
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in the south bay temperatures and and the '90s and triple digits as well. this seminar on the bay shows a cool down kicking and from tomorrow continuing to keith cooler temperatures to >> afford to become > > 455 here five raccoons for release back into the wild after the mother abandon them when the rear babies. two volunteers with wild care. took their recluse into the hillside near a creek in novato. they told us the small mammals were cared for for five
4:56 am
months. >> they were discovered without mother. somehow the mother might have been hit by a car, were not separated she left them and never came back. they are clever and adaptable and very smart. they hang out in groups so the committee stage to another but we don't know. >> while care takes care sick and injured animals. the video from inside the delta air lines flight that made in emergency airline is not the first emergency caught on tape these days everybody has a self on- camera document setting their potential demise. >> ever wonder what an emergency at landing is like. you don't have to wonder anymore these to passenger shot one on their
4:57 am
eyefolds. >> stay down, stay down, stay down, stay down, >> you kind of looked at me like a was crazy as she yelling brace i'm holding the camera like that. the flight attendant is telling head down. this is not the first emergency landing caught on tape. >> flight attendant third saw this plan launched landed in washington after its tire blew out. it has recorded plane evacuations. all way down the emergency slide. the recent
4:58 am
video of the delta emergency landing in included the call morning from the pilot. >> i in think were going to die. >> they captured the applause when they didn't die. >> hopefully will show more of that you later we have to take a >> hopefully will show more of that you later we have to take a quick break and be right back. @2
4:59 am
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5:00 a.m. top stories first execution in five-year schedule for thursday but could be delayed until next year. we will tell you what's coming up. house fire in a point leaves people 9 in people displaced very fourth consecutive spare the air day. hot temperatures expected once more we are talking police about
5:01 am
the forecast >> we could see more records again today so troubled digits inland valley bring as warm temperatures all the coast make cool them. absolutely beach weather appeared your hot forecast towards the 10:00 hour temperatures could already be up and in the upper 90s. we're looking at temperatures jumping up and to the triple digits by noontime going back down into the '80s. temperatures '60s and '70s. 66 through oakland 65 your concord south bay temperatures into the mid to upper 60s. 69 in san was a 77 and served for fremont your by 10:00 a.m. some eighties and the minute time jumping into the '90s are afternoon highs today will top out into the triple digits all the purple shows the triple
5:02 am
digits. cooling it back down to the '80s by 8:00 p.m. looking at some of the numbers triple digits really similar to yesterday where we came in at 1 04 is a resin header record 1 03 for today 1 01 in through sonoma also triple digits for fairfield slightly cooler in san francisco 87 degrees still canonize along the coast. 88 for berkeley key man in the 90s through oakland san leandro into hayward and also into fremont. triple digits and for the san ramon valley. 1 01 through any of today the south bay temperatures in the '90s even the triple digits again appeared 99 for sen declare 98 for san jose, 7 day around the bay continues to keep us hot. a cool down continue for tomorrow continuing to keep cool temperatures into the low 80s inland spots '70s around the bay '60s for the coast.
5:03 am
>> spare the air day meeting is a small advisory today. there is public transit. millbrae and severance this goes to make your way toward san francisco in the space. this is a need to new direction early due to equipment. a bridge check no problems at the bay bridge toll plaza your westbound ride a minutes making your way towards fragment streets in francisco your ride coming in at 20 minute trip right now. it is a smooth going at the san mateo bridge to the lights and the commute directions toward fosters a deeper like making the right is bounded hayward tracking an ideal drive time of about 12
5:04 am
minutes from one end to the other. i'll show you the golden gate bridge. an easy ride three southbound trip novato in san francisco about a 23 minute trip a week 37 over these bay. clocking in at such short and sweet in minute ride. faugh >> 9 people have been displaced years of cool earth showing you the area. john r. block a madison avenue a fire broke out and about 1130. there were a will to contain it shortly after they arrive the point at the point was severely damaged. the fire had reached the driveway burning to cars. three people were transported to hospital suffering smoke inhalation. this is video of the scene. the fire was said to of started behind a couch. the cause has yet the
5:05 am
first schedule education in five years governor schwarzenegger has delayed the execution by 45 hours. it was scheduled for one minute past midnight monday morning now is 9:00 p.m. thursday. to give court's time to weigh in on the case. the men facing death albert brown you see him here. appeals court has ordered him to reconsider. the judge need to schedule new hearing though time is of the accents. it is scheduled for thursday will the stock of one of the three drugs will be needed reaches as a expiration date on friday. it will be able to replace until sometime next year. if they don't execute the sentence by friday will be postponed until next year. new details on the gas line explosion the national transportation safety board investigates a failure in an important piece of. pg&e the
5:06 am
cruise. congresswoman jackie who visited the scene yesterday said the steps to fix the problem may have affected the utility's ability to regulate the pressure in the pipeline. more on that to come. lawmakers and governors schwarzenegger closing in on the budget deal that is a word. the work well into the night last night resuming talks again today. and tune in effort to close the budget that gap. a deal is 9% finished but there are some sticking points this done to be worked out. the governor wants tax and budget reforms included creating a rainy day fund. it was public pension reforms including role in back benefits approved 11 years ago. lawmakers want a get to sections three unions before
5:07 am
considering changing hands her pensions. if they reach an agreement they have to get to third vote. 2010 decision knows jerry brown and mike whitman will face off today in their first debate. that debate will be held at uc-davis. brown at this point is leading with 46-41 percent among likely voters. we will take a break back with more headlines in a moment.
5:08 am
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kohl live shots on less side. 101 san jose a and 101 north bay. golden gate bridge another hot day to day spirit the air date again in a fact. >>w: not much change from yesterday we will have temperatures a specially inland compare baltimore oriole nest along the coast might see a cold and was certainly still going to be beach weather really more appeared we could see record he once again today records yesterday triple digits expected also cooling trend kicking in for tomorrow. your current temperature still warm was there in san francisco 72 degrees 66 through oakland 67 in hayward south bay and on and use 66, by the 10:00 hour warming it
5:17 am
up very quickly so all the orange indicates '80s as early as 10:00. by noon time all the red showing us the '90s. if you check out the purple it shows us triple digits. warm still at the o'clock our temperature into the 80s and the handful of '70s as well. highs into the triple digits very similar to yesterday. 1 01 through run the park sonoma, fairfield, along the peninsula 8747 cisco today keeping it in the '70s along the coast the spade temperatures in the upper 80s for berkeley 12 in oakland in the '90s. ninety's breakthrough castro valley interest and ramon valley. plenty of triple digits through inland valley locations will muckrake, los gatos cupertino triple digits. upper 90s through
5:18 am
san jose. dear 7 day around the bay hot day to day but you can see the cool down come tomorrow dipping down 10 degrees. continuing cool temperatures into the forecast heading into the weekend. by 5:00 p.m. check on commute. >> part delays right now reportedly up to 15 minutes from sfo making your way toward san francisco. due to trackside equipment problems which i here have just been fixed. bart technically in the process of recovery. these delays will and within 30 minutes or so. also monitoring the if it will have an impact on the trains later today. bridge check the bridge everything moving wall. we are
5:19 am
hearing of the stall just past the lights. jumping over to the san mateo bridge everything pretty good along this ban right now 12 minutes across the span. we hear on 880 there is a broken water main. chp making their way to the scene. the golden gate bridge no problems here traffic moving at the limit. i will wrap up with the shot by jackie sizzle. this is traffic southbound 1 01 before 580 split. definitely moving at the limit. >> developing story out of oakland a six year-old girl hit by gunfire early this morning she was inside her home the gunshots are originated outside the house. we will zoom in and get you a better look of the neighborhood. this happened at 215 this morning the girl suffered non life-threatening injuries. she was transported
5:20 am
to children's hospital. someone inside the house may have been the target. at this point no models or rest have been made. san jose fire chief will announce a reward for the arrest of those behind the trace elementary school fire. they will donate $10,000 into the record the fire happened july 5th. it did $10 million in damage during the library and george classrooms. they now have a temporary classrooms. oakland judge has an injunction against 244 target stores from dumping hazardous waste into the marmot. it was issued friday. it also bars the company from illegally managing and disposing universal waste such as batteries and electronic equipment. state news governors
5:21 am
schwarzenegger signed a bill that will limit the amount of the toxic metal cambium under the bill it can be no more than 300 parts per million. gov. schwarzenegger has vetoed a bill that would have required special labors on clothing made with animal fur. he was concerned about the increased cost to merchants and thought a $1,000 penalty was excessive. police have arrested a man who sprayed gunfire at a weekend party killing a university student and wounding four other people. he was arrested at his home last night police are looking for a second man. both men were charged with conspiracy, murder and weapons and offensive spirit they believe he was the shooter and the accomplice provide him with a gun. he is being held on
5:22 am
$2 million bail. more kron 4 morning news coming up in a moment. let's go outside a quick look at the golden gate bridge. out of marin county as expected still less than light. we will be
5:23 am
our state has a huge deficit. meg whitman's plan will make it billions worse by eliminating the capital gains tax for wealthy investors, including herself. economists say her plan will "rip a hole in the budget" and is "deeply flawed". analysts for the l.a. times say whitman's plan is a "pure handout" to the rich creating a "huge risk" to schools and public safety. jerry brown's against this unfair giveaway because it will take billions from our children when we can least afford it. get california working again-for all of us.
5:24 am
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seven days forecast another hot day triple digits inland. fourth spare the air date for today. we will get a release starting tomorrow temperatures will drop down into the mid-90s. then back down into the '80s for thursday, friday and into the weekend. if not a fan of a triple digit whether you have one day to get through it. if your fanny and get one more day be approved for you cool it down. from our he weighs on the coast to flooding.
5:26 am
it is causing some extreme conditions really no matter where you are in the country. >> getting drenched and waterlog wisconsin residents are a thing and i on a levy which is starting to spring lake spot may breakdown entirely. >> this is crazy i'm from a big city and you don't get this. >> and bags are the only line of defense in some cases along the river. in the evacuation order was issued. more than 100 homes are threatened if the dike fails. officials say the river crested at 20 ft. which is 3 1/2 feet above flood level. scorching southern californian mercury climbed to 113 degrees in downtown los angeles. the hottest amateur log since 1877 tariff >> if i stay here any longer i will melt.
5:27 am
>> it is very hot i don't know why it has to be so hot right now especially when it's two weeks into fall. >> north carolina and nonstop rain shot down highway 17 during rush-hour turning into a traffic nightmare with in see mark motorist looking to get home. >> this is crazy my daughter is pregnant should go into labor at any time and is supposed to be on long been addressed. >> cape fear made up for three months road in one day because of the rain. in wisconsin they anticipate the river will receive by tomorrow. in washington >> we will take a break when we come back closer look at the forecast. let's look at the james lick freeway as we go where no one's the headlights moving all right.
5:28 am
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five in one minute before 5:30
5:30 am
a.m. our roof camera and on the right is i believe the nets. oh notes in marin so it's 1 01. no matter where you are around the bay will be another hot day we have a spare the are day here that's why we're starting in the weather center. >> you will get excited when more in the weather center. >> because that means hitting the beach again today. we sit plenty of record yesterday and we could send more today. >> by the coast it's going to be good? >> maybe a few degrees cooler along the peninsula but it will be gorgeous beach weather. >> by the time we hit new and we could actually get into the upper 90s. around the bay temperatures into the mid '80s and are temperatures in the afternoon will talk about right around 104 in some inland spots
5:31 am
appeared shopping in the '90s run bay '70s for the coast. it will be beach weather again by 8:00 p.m. it will still be warm. current temperatures san francisco still warm up their 72 degrees, 66 in oakland, opera's '60s through hayward, fremont 76 still were there, by the time we hit 10:00 a.m. we should see widespread '80s warming up very quickly. this morning you will need a jacket when you step out the door by plenty of '90s. into the afternoon bringing in some triple digits and to the forecast. still seeing warm by the o'clock hour. plenty of 86 for the east bay keeping '60s and '70s along the peninsula and the coast. by the afternoon 103
5:32 am
so very to unbearable. 1 01 through sonoma, temperatures into the '90s right through my valley 87 is there francisco pier slight cool them the beach is continuing to bring us nice weather 88 for berkeley, san leandro hayward into union city '90s triple digits right on through some of those inland spots danville right around 10 forcing was san ramon, temperatures into the 90s in the south bay appeared troubled digits in campbell, even more help. 7 day around the bay which highlights a cooling trend come tomorrow. today is the last day of the heat wave will continue to cool it off headed towards the weekend. >> or delay hot spot is recovering right now but we are tracking delays between 10-50 minutes between san francisco and sfo making your way toward san francisco in the east bay right now. due to an early
5:33 am
trackside equal men problem. in the recovery process right now but we are following the heat. all right to the bridge check the bay bridge toll plaza and no problems here traffic moving well west bound into the city right now. traffic building along this been no problems on the bridge itself we are following the traffic problem add ease down 92 right where meat southbound 880 broken water pipe is spilling water on the road was to be aware of that as chp makes its way to the scene. golden gate bridge nice and easy commute right now no problems for yourself bound ride. novato into the city limits 23 minutes. wrapping up a quick shot of the south bay 1 01 as south san jose southbound traffic. more company had been in the commuter action which as
5:34 am
northbound. taillights a bit more company but still very good drive times downtown san jose making your way up toward santa clara 14 minute ride. >> 5 series three news story for you three people have been injured nine people have been displaced as fire broke late last night. it happened at 1130 added to under block of madison avenue you can see firefighters on the scene right now. the head and knocked down quickly by done the home was severely damaged. in fact it bridge the drive with burning to cars. two people were transferred for smoke inhalation. the exact cause has yet to be determined. the execution has been delayed 45 hours by gov. schwarzenegger the man facing the death penalty albert green would brown. he moved his execution from one minute past midnight wednesday
5:35 am
morning until 9:00 p.m. thursday to give courts more time to weigh in on the case. this after superior court judge refused to block the execution saying he failed to show the procedure would of caused him pain. jonathan o)w shows us about the decision. >> in a statement released monday afternoon governor supports a neighbor rights i hereby order repeals of brown's execution. it was scheduled to die tuesday night but brown actually has until thursday until fire an appeal and cannot be executed until his time to appeal has run out. the governor will use that time to consider broad request for clemency in the death sentence he received from a reading and murdering susan jordan appeared with a lethal injection set for thursday if he is scheduled to die three hours before executions could grind to a halt. this time is because the
5:36 am
state has all but run out of one of the three drugs used to put inmates to death. the few remaining doses expire on friday. sodium thiopental is the first drug used in the state's deadly three drug cocktails. it is the anesthetic the renders them unconscious before a second drug paralyzes the inmate and a third drug stop the heart. sodium thiopental is the same chemical that is used by itself for a single drug legal instructions in some other states. the company that makes the drugs as a shortage of one key ingredient means it could be 2011 before its able to produce more. that means if brown is not executed by the time the supply of sodium thiopental expires friday his execution will be on hold indefinitely until the state gets a fresh shipment of the lethal drug. >>
5:37 am
see congressman jackies beer who visited the scene says the steps may have affected the utility's ability to regulate the pressure in the pipeline. for the first time since the funeral we are hearing from one man who lost loved ones in the blast. jacqueline's father told kron 4 his family went through some emotional moments after learning about the explosion. >> our daughter's house was one of the first one to burned. there was something hard and difficult for us from the moment we started watching tv. it was hours of anguish and hold that
5:38 am
maybe they would be found. that moment never came into the next day when they told us they had been the victims. we don't wish this on anyone. it is very painful. too much i think. i wanna think specifically all the people that were with us an arcane we were victims but maybe this is all for the good so pg&e campaign more attention to services. it has not gone through our minds to have those feelings towards pg&e we hope they fix the most they can. >> he heard jackie announcer guess if the pipeline legislation yesterday in hopes politicians will support her bill. we will take a break by 30 8:00 a.m. be back in a moment.
5:39 am
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5:42 am
but quick shot shows us headlights coming at of this san ramon valley 60 degrees in the creek it will get up to 101. spare the air day still in effect more whether the moment. stocks are poised for early gains. stock futures at turn positive in the last half hour this after ending the day down yesterday. it close to 48 points. we will see while wall street does. don't look for tax forms or instructions and your mail box next year turn all revenues services they will stop mailing them because they most google file electronically. able returns can reach read them on the web site or offices as well as libraries and post officers. the irs will save $10 million a year by eliminating that mailing. 5:42 a.m. another
5:43 am
break. details forecast in a moment a lot of hot temperatures on tap. u7
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
we are back 5:45 a.m. from the james lick the traffic is falling but fall traffic with their venom moment. we have hot temperatures feared in tissue and realize just it temperature's very similar to what we saw yesterday we could break records once again for that he and triple digits right on through the inland valley. livermore we are currently into the 50s typical. by upper 90s high-temperature today in livermore 104 degrees back down into the low 90s by 8:00 p.m. we will be very hot today released a war at this hour in san francisco 72 degrees slow to
5:47 am
get out of the warm temperatures 60 x 6 thru oakland 69 through hayward. by 10:00 a.m. we could already be into the 80s today certainly not going to be jacket weather into the morning hours by noon we will just into the '90s the purple color by the triple digits that will fill in by 4:00 p.m. plenty of triple digits of their staying warm until about 8:00 p.m. keeping temperatures into the 80s maybe even some '70s as well your afternoon highs of 1 03 degrees center rosa where route 1 04 and that broke records a really close again to record-breaking heat. keeping temperatures into the '70s cooler in san francisco but only by a few degrees. 88 through berkeley 90s through san leandro into fremont, at lme debt this san ramon valley
5:48 am
temperatures into the triple digits very 1044 san ramon and livermore. done and to the south bay temperatures in the '90s and chervil digits places like cupertino, morgan hill as well your 7 day around the bay continues to keep us hot for today then we drop it off headed toward your wednesday much cooler by the end of the week and into the weekend appeared time right now is 548 a check with your commute. >> no hot spots rain all those problems have cleared we are not tracking incidents on the roadway. a quick bridge check you concede everything flowing find at the bay bridge toll plaza good from all approaches from the westbound ride. metering lights cycled off. ec nine minutes from the foot of the maze to fremont street san francisco smooth sailing at the san mateo bridge taillights had this foster city. bright lights
5:49 am
and hayward we are still tracking an ideal drive time of 14 minutes across the span. the golden gate bridge uneasy conditions here no problems for yourself bound ride the bottle into the city limits 23 minutes right now. wrapping up crosstown traffic at the james lick definitely building but still living at the limit as you had southbound toward the peninsula. you're right from 10180 split toward the airport's 16 minutes. >> 5:49 a.m. schools concerned when weather gets this intense appeared to titular early those who practice outside for sports. practice does continue at one high school as long as players get lots of water. >> this san jose football team is spending hours on the field
5:50 am
and it is hot. unified school district will not be and football practice. >> it usually is in that hot in september. so water is not a big difference. >> cogeneration lets them go 15 minutes and then a water break. they do this even when temperatures are in the '80s. >> a place 100 percent really hard then we want make sure they get hot hydrated. is probably in the '90s add another 10 percent on this turf. we make sure these kids get hydrated. >> 15 minutes take a lot of players. many see the heat as the right of patches. >> it is challenging. >> without the water they could get nauseous stop sweating and pass out a life threatening possibility. the water keeps
5:51 am
flowing it will lead to. this heat will continue for a while. isn't as a kron 4 news. >> don't forget we have the latest weather and forecast at on our web site. click on the weather to have to get forecast three neighborhood. record heat made battling fires difficult for cruz's other california. this was the scene as they fought a fire burning in a brushy hills that fire started at 2:00 this afternoon the last word was 50 percent contained it was burning for time pretty close to homes or structures and novak show asians were issued. sarin five firetrucks working together to fight those flames. we will let you know what progress they make today. world news today mid east peace talks are big trouble. the white house is sending george mitchell to keep things going the problem
5:52 am
is israel has refused to slow down construction on disputed land. they held that the heavy equipment and have started breaking ground on new settlement. if state affirmances the u.s. is disappointed by israel's actions. the u.s. hikers still in prisons may be getting some help from the country of allied. everybody waiting to hear about meetings that supposedly are having right now purify she a newspaper saying that human may be able to leave with the representatives. we will take a break and be right back. san mateo bridge as we go current temperatures 68th it will @2
5:53 am
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welcome back to the kron 4
5:56 am
morning news. another day with hot temperatures in fact we could see some record breakers once again today. when austrians and resin, triple digits through the livermore valley through india, fairfield plenty of '90s across the board. >> think you luisa. a story out of the north bay five raccoons released into the wire after the mother abandoned them. here's some video of their release. while blaze rehabilitation center took the racoons to a hillside near a creek in novato. the two women tell us the mammals were cared for for about >> five months> they were discovered without their mother the mother may have been hit by car where they got separated. she left them at one point and never came back they are clever
5:57 am
and adaptable. they often hang out in groups. we think they may stay together but we have no way of knowing. >> while care cares for sick and injured animals that is located in san rafael. 5:57 a.m. back with more headlines in a moment and let the juror heading off to break from our roof camera for consecutive spare the air day. it will get up to 87 this afternoon.
5:58 am
5:59 am
fee could morning the top stories six year-old girl was shot while sleeping in your oakland home. >> late night ruling could delay the san quentin execution >> scheduled for >> early morninus